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Cherokee Nation Mystery

Seven Black Stones - Jean Hager

Although I can not find definitive proof, family legend has it that one of my ancestors was either Cherokee or Chickasaw Indian.  I am familiar with Cherokee history and the Trail of Tears.  I have visited Tahlequah, Oklahoma and was absorbed by the Cherokee museums there. When I saw Seven Black Stones was a mystery that took place in Tahlequah, I  decided to give the book a try. I am glad I did.


Molly Bearpaw is an investigator for the Cherokee Nation.  In this book, Molly is asked by a teenage girl to investigate her father's death that has been ruled a suicide.  The girl is hoping that Molly will find something that determines the death is an accident.  However, it soon becomes clear that the death was murder.


As we investigate the crime with Molly, we become acquainted with Cherokee culture, myths and medicine magic.  I found it difficult to put the book down and I will definitely read more books by this author.



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