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Delightful Heroine

They Came to Baghdad - Agatha Christie

A delightful romp by Agatha Christie written at the beginning of the Cold War. Victoria Jones falls in love one afternoon with a handsome young man she meets at a park. He is about to leave for Baghdad. Victoria decides to follow him there and, as soon as she lands there, becomes part of a global conspiracy. Victoria is adept at lying and thinking on her feet. But when she tries to tell the truth about her experiences (which includes kidnapping and being drugged), she becomes tongue-tied and stiff in her manner. She is believed when she lies and not believed when she tells the truth. I thoroughly enjoyed Victoria.


Some of the scenarios were extremely improbable and unbelievable. However, there is nothing better than reading a Christie book on a cold, winter day. This must be the reason why I have read this book on December 6, 1976, November 5, 1999 and now in December 23, 2013.

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