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Miss Julia Goes Off Her Rocker Might Be a Better Title

Miss Julia Rocks the Cradle - Ann B. Ross

I always look forward to reading a Miss Julia book.  Miss Julia's thoughts and actions are usually hilarious.  However, in this book, Miss Julia's actions bordered on craziness, but not in a humorous way, but in a mentally deranged one. 


Hazel Marie has her twin babies in the beginning of the book and the noise, crying and unsettleness of life with two new infants permeates the book.  Miss Julia is accused of bouncing checks and is arrested.  That wasn't funny.  Sam gets upset with Julia and goes to live at his house for a while.  Not funny.  Julia decides she has to find out why someone died in a toolshed because she thinks that Sam thinks she had something to do with the death.  I never really understood why Julia got involved in this mystery.  It seemed irrational.  Her actions after that were crazy and not really funny.


Perhaps, Ann Ross is getting tired of Miss Julia or perhaps I am getting tired of Miss Julia. Incidentally, I am not sure a new reader would really understand the book that well.  There are innumerable references to previous events, some which I don't remember clearly.  The events in this book is a followup to a crime from several years ago.

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