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A story about the Fifth Column

N or M? - Agatha Christie

Tommy and Tuppence are recurring characters like Poirot and Miss Marple. This married couple are searching for something profitable to do for their country as Hitler is conquering Europe. They are finally given the task to find members of the Fifth Column. These were Englishmen in government and the military who supported Nazi beliefs. Tommy and Tuppence are sent to a small resort town to locate N and M, a man and woman who preparing the way for an English invasion by Germany.


This time period, early in War World II, was filled with unease and distrust. Mrs. Christie reveals the fear and hatred of the Germans during this time period. During World War II, Ireland chose to be neutral and some of the disdain for the Irish is revealed in this novel. The novel is interesting for its perspective of the War as it was being fought.


Several characters were amusing, irritating and boring, as is common in Christie's mysteries. One character was a toddler and this cute little person played a role in the discovery of the spies. I don't remember any other of her books that has a child play an important role in solving a mystery.

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