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Interesting Play

Lost in Yonkers - Neil Simon

I finally read a play by Neil Simon that was interesting.  It is 1942 and World War II is raging.  Two teenage boys have recently lost their mother to a long illness.  The hospital bills were enormous and their father is in financial trouble.  He has found a high paying job, but it requires extensive travel.  He decides to have his children stay with his mother.  She is a cold and cruel woman.  I am not sure why he made this decision, since he did have in-laws who would have been better guardians.


Grandma is feared by all her children; now she gets to work on the grandchildren!  Why is Grandma so afraid of loving, caring and sharing?  Can her children overcome their emotional problems?  Can the two boys survive this household until their father returns?  The book blurb states that the play is rich in comedy, but I found that it is overshadowed by the sadness of this family raised without love.

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