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Not crazy about this play

Brighton Beach Memoirs - Neil Simon

I am taking a course about Neil Simon.  This is the first play by Simon that I have read.  I must also be one of only a few who have never seen the play.  If I had seen it, I would not have taken the course. 


The Jerome family  is living in New York in September 1937.  There are a lot of worries during the Depression.  Money is scarce and there are signs in Europe that another war might be rearing its ugly head.  Our narrator, Eugene Jerome, is obsessed with seeing a naked woman.  This part of the play was tedious.  The boys used vulgarities that I am not even sure were commonly used in 1930's.  If someone can't communicate rage, disgust, and frustration without swearing or using profanity, then they have little imagination and a limited vocabulary.


I did relate to the adult problems and how they were resolved.  The father was wise and the mother held the family together.  Did the family get wealth?  No, the same problems were still issues at the end of the play.  However,  you know that the family will survive with the love they have for each other.

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