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The Gingerbread Bump-Off - Livia J. Washburn This is the first time I have a book by this author. It is a fast, easy read about a house of senior citizens, and two of the occupants work together to solve murders in Weatherford in Parker County, TX. None of the characters do anything real exciting. They solve crimes while doing everyday things, like fundraising, shopping for a wedding shower, getting a flat tire and having to call AAA, etc. Sometimes it is a little too ordinary and a little too boring. Yet, these events make the characters more believable. What I found interesting is that my great grandparents lived in Parker County near Poolville, TX where Sam used to teach. It is a tiny town. My father was actually born near Poolville and there is statue in town honoring the doctor who delivered many of the babies, including my father, in Poolville and the surrounding areas. I did some genealogical work in Weatherford in November. It is also near where some fracking disasters are taking place. Will Phyllis and Sam get involved in that controversy? I can see murders taking place across Parker County as outrage against the fracking companies increases. Wait, maybe I should write that novel!

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