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Thugs and Kisses - Sue Ann Jaffarian This is the first book I read by this author and I was pleasantly surprised. The author has a knack of raising suspense at the end of each chapter so you want to continue reading.The book is part of a series and is not the first book. It might be better to read the books in order because there are a lot of references to previous murders and previous events. In addition, there was not a lot about Greg, Odelia's boyfriend, in this book. He comes across as immature and makes me wonder why Odelia loves him, as opposed to all the other delectable men in her life.Odelia goes to her 30th high school reunion and meets an old nemesis and lover. Immediately, the two spar and soon afterwards, he is killed. Odelia should have been a suspect, but she came with a cop friend, so she is not arrested. This allows her to investigate the murder. However, before she can do that, her boss disappears. There are forged documents found at work. Did her boss disappear after forging the documents? If so, why? Odelia is allowed to investigate his disappearance. This allows her to meet all sorts of unsavory characters, as well as ask for help from an unsavory character in her past. Altogether a fast and enjoyable read.There are occasional vulgar references. Odelia has a potty mouth and she uses those types of words with regularity. For this reason, I can't rate the book higher than three stars.

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