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Man of Property: The Forsyte Saga (Wordsworth Classics) - J. Galsworthy Somehow, my original review of this book disappeared. This is the first book in a series about the Forsyte family, a wealthy family of property. The men seem to love only property and view all their possessions as property to have and to hold. This includes their wives and families. This certainly is not a family you would wish to be a part of. Soames wants to build a house for his lovely, but cold, wife. The architect falls in love with the wife and an affair ensues leading to tragedy. It is unclear why the wife, Irene, is unhappy in her marriage to Soames, but it might be because he views her as just a beautiful possession. I found some of the descriptions long and tedious and didn't quite understand Irene's motives. These issues gave the book only 3 stars. I am continuing to read the series, hoping it improves, but also wanting to learn more about what makes Irene tick.

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