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In Chancery  - John Galsworthy This is the second book in the Forsyte Saga and it is certainly more interesting and better written than the first one. We continue to read about the Forsyte family and their possessive ways. They are worshippers of mammon, their property. The men's property includes their wives and families. Soames has been separated from his wife, Irene, for years. He decides he wants a son (never a daughter), to carry on the family name. He finds a young French girl who he thinks will fit the bill. However, he needs that divorce. Most of the book is about this quest for a divorce. Many other characters ebb and flow through the pages as Soames decides what he needs to do. We learn a little more about Irene through the eyes of the many males who are acquainted with her. She becomes a little more likeable in this book.

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