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I agree with the sentiments

Lawyers and Other Reptiles - Jess M. Brallier

I am currently having problems with my lawyer who thinks he is so superior to me and my family that he doesn't have to answer emails or respond to requests.  I am waiting eagerly for the next bill which I will pay in proportion to his responses.


I was delighted to see this book donated to a book sale today.  I snatched it up and quickly read it through.  It is full of quotes about lawyers and their dirty deeds.  Not everything was applicable to my case, but there was enough to make me roar with approval.  This quote by a lawyer is true: "A well-known occupational hazard of lawyers is their tendency to become contentious, and to develop such associated traits as being arrogant, deceitful, and punitive." 


I am keeping this book close by in case I have to communicate with my lawyer.  Hopefully it will provide me with a few choice words.

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