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Lovely Reread

The Moving Finger - Agatha Christie

This is listed as a Ms. Marple story, but she plays a minimal role and doesn't even appear until the last 30 pages.


I really enjoyed the narrator, Jerry Burton. He was wounded during World War II and is recovering. His doctor told him to go rest in a quiet English village where little happens. The village that Jerry and his sister decide to live in is not a quiet village. Instead, there are a series of poison pen letter being sent to various citizens. This is followed up by a suicide and then a murder.


While all these mysterious events are taking place, Jerry falls in love and then has to wonder if his new love might be the letter writer. The love interest is sweet and innocent.


I enjoyed the book immensely. I was sure of the murderer all the way through the book, but I was wrong. Great job, Agatha!

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