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Definitely a Fantasy Tale.

A Tiger's Tale - Laura Morrigan

I won this book at the 2015 Malice Domestic conference this month. I met briefly with the author and spoke with her as she signed my book.


The book was well-written; however, it is not the type of book that I enjoy. The main character, Grace Wilde, communicates with animals and understands what they feel and see. This is how she discovers that a teenage girl, Brooke, who is missing was actually kidnapped. I don't really think that this kind of ability exists, but I was willing to suspend my beliefs and go with the flow. However, I think this 'ability' was used too often to discover clues and to move the plot along. Much of the story was so improbable and tiresome that I couldn't wait to finish the book. Then the ending was much too violent for a cozy. I read cozies in order to avoid the excessive violence in many books today.


I did enjoy the slow progress of Grace and Kai's relationship. That is more realistic than much of the other events. However, I don't think I will continue with the series to see how their relationship evolves.

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