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Smuggling and Murder

Jamaica Inn - Daphne du Maurier

Jamaica Inn stills exists. Daphne du Maurier visited the inn and, while exploring the moors, got lost in the fog. From this event, she wrote Jamaica Inn.


Mary is orphaned. Before her mother dies, she tells her to go live with her aunt. Mary keeps that promise and finds herself in a nightmare situation. Her aunt's husband seems abusive and her aunt cringes at his moods. The inn does not welcome the weary traveler. Usually the huge building is occupied by only Mary and her aunt and uncle. Occasionally, unsavory types gather at night. Mary discovers mysterious happenings: there is smuggling and murders. She makes plans to avenge her uncle's brutishness or escaping with her aunt. In the process, she meets her uncle's brother who bears a strong resemblance to her cruel uncle. Despite this detriment, Mary falls in "love" with him even though she doesn't trust him. One horror after another plagues Mary and she attributes much of this to her erstwhile lover.


The first half of the book slow-going. However, it was hard to stop reading the second half. There were a few incidents that really didn't make sense and created disbelief in the story line. One thing I did enjoy was the descriptions of the moors and mountains, cities and towns, all of which exist today. Now I have to make a trip to Cornwall to see all the places Ms. du Maurier described so eloquently.

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