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Washington Murder (or is it?)

Washington Masquerade - Warren Adler

I won this book in a Goodreads Giveaway.


I enjoyed the political aspect of this novel.  A conservative columnist constantly denounces the president and his administration.  When he falls in front of a metro car and is killed, all sorts of conspiracy theories abound.  The first rumor says that the president authorized the columnist's assassination.  In rebuttal, the administration says the columnist was plotting against the president.  However, the DC police can't even determine if this is a murder.  It could be an accident or suicide. No one else in Washington wants to believe that it is anything but a political murder.  I found this part of the book to be current and relevant.


However, I did not appreciate the "f" word being used on almost every page.  I had no sympathy for the female detective, Fiona, who constantly used this word.  I was not interested in reading about her sex life, which was detailed on any page that did not use the "f" word.  It was really disappointing to have a book that is so relevant to today's dysfunction in Washington to be unnecessary diminished by vulgarity.  The language did not enhance the book.  Instead, it was distracting and irritating.  I automatically reduce my star ratings for vulgarity, so I can only give 2 1/2 stars.



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