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Rather far-fetched story

The Lost Years - Mary Higgins Clark

When I was younger, I loved everything by Mary Higgins Clark.  I have also met her and thought she was charming.  However, the last few books I haven't enjoyed as much.  Either I have outgrown her or her writing is slipping.


I thought the premise of this book ridiculous.  Supposedly, Christ wrote a letter to Joseph of Arimethea and it was preserved by the Vatican, before being stolen.  It reappears in an American church and is discovered by Mariah's father, Jonathan Lyons.  (I think it would be a great story to discover how this parchment ended up in an American church!) After telling several of his friends and colleagues about this wild discovery, he is murdered.  It appears that his wife, who is suffering from Alzheimer's, was the one who did the terrible deed.  Mariah must try to save her mother from living in a mental institution for the rest of her live.  


I found myself distracted by crazy details.  First, the murder takes place in August during a hot spell in New Jersey.  Mariah, in her twenties, dresses in a sweater!  What? I can see Mrs. Clark dressing that way in the summer time or perhaps some other elderly person, but not a young woman without circulation problems.  Second, Mariah stays in the house where her father is murdered and doesn't seem to mind.  Third, Alvirah, a character from other novels, shows up to help solve the case. That was completely contrived. Alvirah and her husband are able to navigate NYC traffic in mid-town better than 99% of the population. The method to authenicate the parchment was bizarre.  The Vatican appears to have accepted the letter without other authentications.


Sorry I didn't like the book, Mrs. Clark. I found the premise of any letter written by Christ to be absurd.  I don't really see Alvirah as a great detective.  I hope your next book is more realistic.

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