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A Dark Cozy

Unhinged - Sarah Graves

I have seen this author's books at book sales.  When the group, Cozy Mysteries at Goodreads, needed an author to read, I recommended Sarah Graves.  I had not read any of her books before.  I probably won't read another one.


This book is grim.  It relates one accident(?) after another.  There is a terrible car accident, an electrocution, a drowning, followed by events that are not accidents, like a murder, a bomb, etc.  Are these terrible incidents the result of a rogue cop or a despicable cop hater or Jake's father?  After all the improbable events, I didn't care.


Other readers have said the earlier books by Ms. Graves were funny and light.  Since I could only find the later books, I can not verify that statement.  I would have a hard time recommending this book as a cozy.

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