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A Kingdom Strange: The Brief and Tragic History of the Lost Colony of Roanoke - James Horn This book is about the lost English colony at Roanoke. James Horn gives the historic background for the establishment of the colony, emphasizing the role Walter Ralegh played in its beginning. It was to be a base for the English to attack Spanish ships as they crossed the Atlantic from South America. The settlers were to provide needed raw goods to England and in their spare time look for gold and silver and a passage to the Pacific. They were dropped off, began to settle on the land and waited for much needed food and supplies. However, these never arrived because the Spanish decided it was time to invade England. After the Spanish Armada was destroyed, there were a series of mishaps that prevented any ships to arrive at the small colony. The last chapter deals with several theories of what happened to the English settlers. I found the book to have lots of speculation and not solid facts, but again there are not a lot of facts to go on...that is why it is one of America's mysteries.

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