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All's Well That Ends Well - Paul Werstine, Barbara A. Mowat, William Shakespeare This is one of Shakespeare's more obscure plays and after reading it, I know why. There is really no character that is interesting. Helena is considered a worthy woman by other characters in the play, but is of low birth. In reality, she is an obsessive woman who will do anything to get the man of her dreams. However, the man of her dreams doesn't want her. He is a morally weak and intellectually deficient man, but is apparently a good-looking soldier who tries to seduce local girls in his free time. Many consider this play a comedy, but the only comedic parts are provided by the clown, who makes filthy jokes, and the hapless Parolles, a braggart, who gets his comeuppance near the end of the play. I'm going to see the play tonight and have to say that I am not looking forward to it. The title does not seem appropriate at all!

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