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Brooklyn - Colm Tóibín Brooklyn follows Eilis Lacey as she travels to Brooklyn from Ireland in the early 50's. Many people have romanticized crossing the ocean on a ship. The author gives a more realistic version of the problems when traveling third class. It was much more nauseating than is generally depicted. The author shows the quandary of immigrants, especially those who travel to the USA and leave their families behind. While in America, life back at home seems foreign and dream-like, but when going back home, America recedes into the background and seems strange. I didn't really relate to Eilis because she allowed others to make decisions for her. She was passive and usually only made decisions when forced by others or by circumstances. I believe some of the language was anachronistic. I don't remember ever hearing women say the "f" word out loud until recently, yet the author had one of the women speak that way! It really was unnecessary as it diminished the authenticity of the book.

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