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Changes: A Love Story - Ama Ata Aidoo, Tuzyline Allan, Tuzyaline Jita Allan The book was written to show the changes in African women since colonialism officially ended. My perspective is that the changes have not improved the situation women face. The main character, Esi, is completely unsympathetic. In order to advance her career, she divorces her first husband and neglects her only child. She allows her in-laws to keep her daughter because it suits her. She can have an affair and work late without worrying about the welfare of her child. She becomes the second wife of Ali and that is not satisfactory to her either. The novel vividly shows the problems that occur in polygamy. It also shows the futility of living a life without the guidance of God. The book is easy to read and gives a better understanding of the conflicting cultures of Ghana specifically and to Africa as a whole. A love story it is not, unless loving yourself before all others classifies.

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