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The Rose and the Yew Tree - Mary Westmacott, Agatha Christie This book is written by Agatha Christie under an assumed name. It is not a mystery, but a "romance." I would not have believed in the character of Isabella if I had not had my son. Isabella is calm and content wherever she lives because she lives entirely in the present unable to articulate her emotions and feelings. She does not understand that others are frustrated by her inability to express herself. In addition to the "love" element, there is much political machinations. The political world is much like today. The campaign manager sounds 21st century when he says, "Anything for a change." Another character states that politics boils down to "What people will believe, what they will stand, what they can be induced to think. Never plain fact." To get the best understanding of this book, it would be helpful to know the world of 1945 as World War II was coming to an end and England has to adjust to peacetime. The book drags in places, which is why I rated it four stars.

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