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Abigail and John: Portrait of a Marriage - Edith B. Gelles Abigail and John Adams are a well-known eighteenth century couple. Many books have been written about each of them. This book looks at the marriage of the couple and how it survived long separations, hardships, problems with their children and their spouses, political treachery and betrayal of close friends and associates. Both Abigail and John were prolific letter writers and their thoughts about their marriage and love for each other, problems with their friends and family, and the politics surrounding the Revolution and John's presidency are revealed. The letters reveal their respect for some famous people, such as George and Martha Washington, and their distrust and disdain for others, such as Alexander Hamilton. I enjoyed reading the different perspectives of Abigail and John concerning the same event.The book is easy to read and does not go into excessive depth about any portion of their lives. The focus is on their marriage, their dedication (duty) and sacrifice to the founding of a new political system, and the family tragedies they endured.

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