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Indiana - George Sand, George Burnham Ives This is the first novel of George Sand and it shows. Indiana is a young married woman in a loveless marriage with an older man. She meets a Frenchman who is determined to make her his lover. Although he pictures himself as a good representation of the future of France, he is rather despicable. He has already seduced Indiana's maid and destroyed her life. He will destroy Indiana also, apparently without any remorse.I gave the book only three stars because of the long-winded conversations that the characters have. These conversations are completely unrealistic. I could not really relate to Indiana and her plight because she never did anything. She was passive, spending her days daydreaming or ill. She was unhappy, but was unable to find something profitable to do with her time. Listlessness made her vulnerable to any seducer that wanted her to run away from her husband. I thought the ending was farcical and far-fetched.

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