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The Boy in the Suitcase - Lene Kaaberbol;Agnete Friis I seldom read thrillers, but this was selected to read for one of my book clubs. It sounded intriguing and was so much better than I expected. The protagonist, Nina, is a do-gooder. She has an insatiable need to help others to the detriment of her family. One day, an old friend asks Nina to pick up a package. When Nina does so, she finds a boy stuffed into a suitcase. Why was he there? Nina looks for answers from her friend. When Nina finally locates her, she is dead...viciously murdered. From the first, the reader is pretty sure who committed the murder and who kidnapped the boy. The question is why. This question drives the novel and the answer was totally unexpected.The novel takes place in Denmark and in Lithuania. I have always heard that Denmark is a wonderfully homogeneous society. However, the writers reveal the underbelly of Danish society. The book takes us to unsavory sections of Denmark. We glimpse the lives of immigrants and prostitutes. There is not much difference in the treatment of immigrants in Denmark than in other countries of the world.

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