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A Tale of Two Cities - Charles Dickens I am not a Dickens fan, but I remember reading this many years ago and enjoying it. It is just as readable now as then. I have been reading about the French Revolution. Even though this is not a history book, Dickens accurately reveals the disdain the aristocracy had for the poor. They mistreated everyone who was not a part of the aristocracy, taxed their workers unmercifully, raped the peasant women and killed the young men. Eventually, the oppressed will rebel. However, the oppressed in France then became the oppressors, killing everyone who displeased them. Revenge is not sweet, but brutal.Madame Defarge is one of the most cruel, unfeeling women in literature. The only person I can compare her to is Jezebel. Both women urged their husbands to commit murder and both women were determined to get their revenge, no matter the consequences. Dickens has some humorous characters, as he usually does in his stories. Mr. Cruncher is amusing and Miss Pross is brave. Both lighten the darkness of the story that Dickens tells.

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