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Solar - Ian McEwan Solar is the story of scientist who I found totally unlikeable. He has been married five times and has had innumerable affairs. In the beginning of the book, he is living off of the fact he has won a Nobel prize many years before. He has no purpose or focus. Then he is present when a colleague dies. From that tragedy, Michael Beard seizes an opportunity to do research in photosynthesis that will lead to using solar energy the way plants do, creating electrical power for the whole world. Will Michael Beard be successful? This book is hilarious at times. The highlight is when Beard goes to Spitsbergen in the Arctic region. His experiences in dressing, driving a snow mobile, and encountering a polar bear are side-splitting. I was laughing so loud that my son wondered what was going on. I read some of it to him and we were both giggling.However, the protagonist is a dishonest, deceitful, corrupt scientist who used everyone around him. There was quite a bit of vulgarity and way too much sexual content. Because of this, I am struggling to give the book 3 stars. It really should be 2 1/2 stars.

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