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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks - Rebecca Skloot This is a marvelous book that I recommend everyone to read. Almost all of the research on cells that has occurred in the world have come from Henrietta Lacks who died of cancer. Most human cells die quickly; as a result, long-term research is impossible. However, Henrietta's cancer cells do not die. Her cells are shipped around the world to be used to find cures in many diseases. However, Henrietta and her family have not financially benefited from this use. Large medical research companies have profited, but not Henrietta's family. The author tells two stories in this readable book. She relates the story of the family's problems, living in Baltimore without enough medical insurance to pay for their ailments. At the same time, she records the scientific uses of Henrietta's cells and the many ethical issues surrounding experimenting with people's cells, blood, and other body parts. The author spent many years researching this story and the book includes the problems she had, especially in getting the family to trust her with their side of the story. She has set up a foundation to help Henrietta's family.

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