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Murder Packs a Suitcase (Murder Packs a Suitcase Series #1) - Cynthia Baxter This a delightful, quick read that is really 3 1/2 stars. I especially enjoyed the beginning of the book as Mallory Marlowe is going on an interview for the first time in many years. Her husband has recently died and she is still mourning. Her children seem to be at loose ends. Mallory gets the job as a travel writer and her first trip is to Florida. On the airplane trip there, she gets into an argument with a man who took her seat. This unpleasant man is a fellow travel journalist who soon gets murdered. Mallory is under suspicion for the crime. She decides to clear herself and ends up in a precarious situation. I think that Mallory made a couple of stupid decisions that could have gotten herself killed. Since I thought these were rather far-fetched decisions, I didn't rate the book higher.However, if you are under stress and need something fun to read, this book would hit the spot. I plan on reading more books by this author.

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