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Death in the Air - Agatha Christie It is hard not to love an Agatha Christie mystery. I personally think she is one of the best in the genre. She has a wonderful style of writing that is so easy to read, yet isn't childish or silly. Her endings are unpredictable, yet everything makes sense at the end. Like this one, there is usually a very slight, yet sweet, love story. It isn't the main story, yet doesn't interfere with the plot. In this novel, Hercule Poirot is crossing the English Channel by aeroplane. A murder takes place a few seats away from where he is sitting. He is initially one of the suspects and he is determined to clear his name. This is one feature of the story that is far-fetched. I don't think any police department, either in England or France, would allow a possible suspect be an active part of a murder case. Other than this suspension of belief, I enjoyed the story. What I enjoyed in this book was Christie's poking fun at mystery writers. She made several critical comments about them and made the mystery writer, Clancy, look ridiculous. I like the statement Japp made about male (or female) mystery writers: "I don't think it's healthy for a man to be always brooding over crime and detective stories. Reading up all sorts of cases. It puts ideas into his head."Makes me wonder if Agatha Christie ever thought about murdering someone and, if she had, would it be a perfect crime?

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