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Convicted: A Scientist Examines the Evidence for Christianity - Brad Harrub, Marc Whitacre, Tonja McRady Have you always been taught that evolution is a fact? Did you ever consider that some of the information you were taught just didn't make sense? Did you consider that many of the beliefs of evolution violated standard scientific truths? Have you wondered how the Bible account could be true? This book will address these questions.There are many scientists who believe that evolution does not explain the world we see around us nor does it explain the unseen world revealed only by telescopes, microscopes, etc. They believe the vast complexity of just DNA could not just happen by chance. These scientists believe in intelligent design to explain the complexities. Many of these scientist are not religious, but are led to believe in intelligent design because that is where the evidence takes them. However, the author of this book, Brad Harrub, is both a scientist and a Christian. He shows convincingly that the Biblical account of creation is accurate and the evidence is clearly revealed in science. He looks at the problems with Darwinian evolution, explores dinosaurs and when they lived, the evidences leading to confirmation of the Bible and evidence for a young earth. Dr. Harrub has a Ph.D. in anatomy and neurobiology from the University of Tennessee, so he knows what he is talking about. He says, "After years of careful and deliberate study and research, there is one thing I know for certain. Not only am I convinced, I'm convicted." Read this book and see if you will be convicted too.

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