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The Solitary House: A Novel - Lynn Shepherd First, I want to say that I received this Advanced Reader's Edition from Goodreads. As you can tell, this did not affect my rating.When I begin reading this book, I kept thinking, "This sounds like a Dickens book," or "Aren't these characters the names in a Dickens novel?" I was correct. In the acknowledgements, the author admits that the ideas came from Dickens' Bleak House. I have never finished Bleak House and don't particularly enjoy reading a Dickens book. However, I don't think that influenced me.I actually enjoyed the first third of the book and loved the writing by Hester. But then the book deteriorated into constant violence. I don't like violence in real life or in writings or in movies or in video games. There was scene after scene of cutting, chopping, slicing, etc. It was way too much.I found the storyline disjointed. There were many characters and some seemed to have no purpose. There were many loose ends, including the last four pages of the novel. What was the point of the ending? I don't get it!

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