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American Gods - Neil Gaiman The author says on the last page of his book that American Gods "is the story of a man called Shadow, and the job he is offered when he gets out of prison. It is the story of a road trip. It tells the story of a small Midwestern town, and the disappearances that occur there every winter." That is the synopsis of the book. However, it is more than that. Shadow is about to be released from prison and is eagerly waiting to be with his wife. However, he is informed that she was killed in an automobile accident along with a friend who going to give him a job. All his prospects in life are gone. As he is flying home, he meets a man, who offers him a job. Unable to say no, Shadow is thrust into a world that is full of magic, horror, mysteries, scary dreams and strange people who think they are gods. These gods are the ancient gods brought to this country by immigrants and are gradually forgotten. New gods are replacing them. These new gods include the media, drugs, and technology. Apparently a war is brewing between the old gods of America and the new gods. Shadow is the focal point of this war although he doesn't know why nor does he understand what is going on around him.As Shadow drives his new employer around, he visits small town America. He visits two places that are real roadside attractions in America. These are THE HOUSE ON THE ROCK and ROCK CITY. Both tourist attractions do heavy advertising hundreds of miles away, so the author has fun with that.The book is long, but pretty easy to read. It would be helpful to know all the mythology in the world, ranging from Nordic to African to Haitian to Asian gods and goddesses. I would have rated the book four stars if it had less sex, violence and profanity. I realize that a few of America's gods are sex and violence, but there was too much for me.

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