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Buck Fever - Ben Rehder Is Texas considered part of the Bible Belt? After reading this book, you probably will answer no. There was not one person who I would consider a "nice, law-abiding" citizen. Everyone had a vile mouth. The book was filled with violence, although the author did not go into graphic detail. Many people have read this book and thought it was humorous. I must have lost my sense of humor because I found very little to laugh about. I guess most people would think Red and his friend, Billy Don, were humorous, but I thought they were stereotypical portrayals of rednecks. What is funny about lazy, beer-guzzling hicks? Not much. The idea behind the mystery was intriguing and I was interested in seeing how the crimes would be discovered. Otherwise this would have been a one star book.Incidentally, this is not a cozy mystery, even though the author was author of the month in a cozy mystery group in Goodreads. The author would consider this book soft-boiled which is probably a more accurate description of the book genre.

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