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Leaving Atlanta - Tayari Jones Between 1979 and 1981, many black children in Atlanta, GA were killed. Ms. Jones explores how these murders affected the children of Atlanta. The novel relates this terrifying time through the eyes of three children. The first story is told in third person, the second in second person, and the last is told in first person. All the stories are horrifying, although the second one about Rodney is especially troubling. This novel is not just about the murders, but about the trials of growing up in the early 80's, but especially growing up black. Their parents remembered the Civil Rights movement and living in segregated society. They were convinced that the murders were being committed by whites. How could they protect their children? Many decisions had to be made and those decisions affected the children.I thought the author portrayed the thought processes of 11 year olds pretty well; their petty fights, the struggles to understand a frightening world and each other, while trying to cope with adults who appeared to be uncaring or angry or unloving.The book is definitely easy to read and almost seems like a YA book rather than a book for the adult reader.

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