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We Need to Talk About Kevin - Lionel Shriver Wow! What an amazing book! I was shocked by the ending. There were parts, especially in the beginning, that dragged, but soon I didn't want to put the book down.As you probably know, this is about a mother who tries to determine if she was partially to blame for her son killing seven classmates, as well as two school employees. She reviews her life with him from birth. I found the first part of this self-analysis a little far-fetched because the mother imputed evil motives on a newborn, believing he hated her. Having had a child that was very unhappy for ten months, I understood her frustration, but couldn't believe she would believe her son had a malevolent nature from birth.Many of the other problems were very believable, such as the conflict in the marriage. The father was tolerant, too tolerant, of his son's behavior, while the mother saw only the negative. The son played on this conflict, making the situation worse.Many people have compared this book to "Defending Jacob." While both deal with mentally ill teenage sons, the writing is totally different and the viewpoint of the protagonists are polar opposites. I highly recommend both books.

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