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Murder With Peacocks  - Donna Andrews I have read many of the books in this series. However, I have never read the first one. I can't say I thought this first mystery was really great and I am glad I got hooked on Meg and her family by reading the books later in the series. If this had been the first book read, I probably would not have read any more. So what didn't I like? I guess it was the way everyone used/took advantage of Meg and how Meg allowed it to happen. Meg was the maid of honor for three brides, mainly because the bridezillas all knew they could depend on Meg to do all the tasks they should be doing. Every little task, including finding peacocks for one of the weddings, was given to Meg. No one thanked her or appreciated her efforts.Meg really didn't do much to solve this mystery. However, she did catch the eye of Michael who was in town helping his mother run the bridal shop for the summer. Since Meg was told he was gay, she ignored all the obvious evidence to the contrary for all but the last three pages of the book.Much of the madcap, crazy family of Meg makes their appearance here, so it was great to meet these characters for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn't like Meg's mother in this book nor how she treated Meg, Meg's father, and other family members.

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