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Defending Jacob - William Landay This is a legal thriller that is exciting from page one. The District Attorney's son is accused of a murder. The DA does not believe his son did it. Soon the evidence against his son becomes overwhelming, but he still believes his son is innocent. How far will he go to protect his son? How does the crime affect the family, their neighbors, their town? All these are explored through the cynical eyes of the DA.The DA's wife, Laurie, has a totally different reaction to the crime. She begins to believe her son did commit the murder and she is ravaged with guilt. She wants her husband to acknowledge the possibility that their son needs help, but he is adamant that Jacob is innocent. Their marriage starts to fall apart. I thought the focus on a criminal gene passed down from generation to generation was a weak part of the book. It leads to the belief that a person has no control over his actions and is therefore not responsible for anything he may do. That seems to be an untenable concept.Despite this criticism, the trial is riveting and the ending unexpected and spectacular.

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