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Cutting for Stone

Cutting for Stone - Abraham Verghese This is a very long saga that is interesting, but very wordy. It needed a good editor and even better proofreaders. I got distracted by the obvious errors, such as one character who is described as not wearing a belt and later his belted pants create a problem! Perhaps the editors/proofreaders got tired of reading such a long manuscript! The first quarter of the book dragged on and on. However, the story was interesting. It is about a doctor, Marion Stone, who has a twin brother. Their father is a doctor who abandons them at birth and and their mother is a nun, who dies giving birth. Once you can wrap your mind around that, then the story of the twins lives begins. The closeness of the twins is destroyed by an act of betrayal which has horrific consequences. Most of the book takes place in Ethiopia and this was the best part of the book because it gives a description of a country that I have not read about.

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