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The Way We Live Now

The Way We Live Now - Even though this book was written in the 1870's, The Way We Live Now, describes much of the same way we live now! The financial scams described are much like today's. The characters were interesting. This book is one of Anthony Trollope's best. Since he is one of my favorite authors, that is saying a lot. It is a long book, but readable, and would make a very good beach book if you are going for a week or two.The above was written after the first reading in May 24, 2009. I just finished rereading it. This time I found some of the stories to be tedious, especially Felix Carbury and Marie Melmotte. However, I did enjoy watching the development and maturing of Marie and her bravery in facing off with her abusive father. I have decreased the stars from 5 to 4.

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